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Java Chat Software Our FREE Java Chat Room Software for Websites, Forums & Blogs provides an easy to use, simple 'copy and paste' solution for easy install of our advanced Java chatting software on YOUR personal or business Website.

Why Use Java Chat Software?

When set with the task of building an Online Community for your website, you are faced with several choices of platform, each of which offers it's own range of limitations and benefits. A classic example of limitations can be found in Flash based chat software, which apart from looking like an arcade game (not always the preferred look for many business or personal sites), as Flash is not a programming language as such, it is limited to the the vendors idea of what a website chat room should be, and cannot be modified to do more than that.

You may have seen HTML/Javascript type chat systems, Facebook is a good example of this but you may have noticed it's use is limited to private conversations as opposed to a multi user public room. This type of system is NOT 'real-time' and requires the client to keep refreshing the content so that you can view the latest messages. This can be acceptable in not so busy environment, like a shout box, but not so ideal for a busy online community where conversation can flow rapidly, resulting in blocks of messages arriving at once, making it hard to read and difficult to keep up with the conversation. As these systems are HTML based, most devices are supported, but the lack of quality could lead to a very stale, unused and under-utilised online community.

So what about downloadable desktop chatting software? Well this is how it all began with a system called Internet Relay Chat (IRC) that allowed you to connect to a variety of IRC servers and natter to other users of the server. Desktop software offers by far the most by way of functionality and stability however its downfall lays in the fact a user must download and install software in his/her personal computer (NOT popular among internet users), and unless you run your own password protected IRC server, your online community is unlikely to be very 'private'.

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) that can be found in all manor of devices, from mobile phones, DVD Players, Set-top boxes and personal computers. A free Plug-in is available to run special Java programs called a Java Applet, from within a web browser, allowing for full desktop application functionality but embedded within a web page. Java applets run within a safe and secure Sandbox created by a Java Virtual Machine. Applets running within the sandbox cannot interact directly with your computers resources, including hard drive, making it safe from viruses and other malware. It is for these reasons we have developed our Java chat room software with this technology.

Java Chat Software Our FREE Java Chat Software (and Plus service upgrade) uses a Java applet embedded within your web page or blog to echo messages to our dedicated servers. Our Free Chat Box for Websites and Chat Box Plus service upgrade leverages the application power of Java to provide a full featured, private Website Chat Room, installed in minutes with our easy to use, copy and paste script code. Register NOW for your Chat Box HTML Code.


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